Marvin Lewis stands by John Ross despite dreadful rookie year

The Bengals made wide receiver John Ross the ninth overall pick in last year’s draft, and he had about as bad a rookie season as possible: He never caught a pass, and the only time he touched the ball, on a running play, he fumbled.

But Bengals coach Marvin Lewis denies he has any issues with Ross, and thinks a much better second season is in store.

There’s some anticipation building that the Patriots, especially after the Cooks deal, might pull off another shocker and go after Odell Beckham Jr. But the extra first-rounder allows them to land Tom Brady’s successor however they want, even over QB-needy rivals like the Jets and Bills, if necessary. For now, if New England stays at this pick, Rudolph is an ideal prospect.

Moore has been getting more buzz as a first-round pick, and there’s a chance his stock rises even higher. Moore could help Philadelphia replace Torrey Smith with his ability to make big plays both before and after the catch.

Flacco found a bit more success as the year went along and is currently on track to have a full offseason of work. That’s good for the Ravens because he’ll be working with new receivers in John Brown and Michael Crabtree and coach John Harbaugh says it is “critically important” that they get on the same page.

“[The reps are] the most important thing of all,” Harbaugh said, via the team’s website. “You have to practice. It’s a practice sport. You have to get good. You can’t just roll the ball out there and be great, especially in the passing game. … But with those guys getting the reps and getting really good at what they do, and even beyond that, let’s go to work outside of practice and build that rapport.”

Flacco has not made a habit of getting together with his receivers for a passing camp during past offseasons, but the circumstances of this year and a three-year playoff drought may be enough to alter his approach.bills_125

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