Lamar Jackson not running 40 at Louisville pro day, lack of agent might hurt draft stock

The decision by Lamar Jackson to eschew hiring an agent was an interesting one, for a top-rated quarterback in the 2018 NFL Draft. Jackson isn’t the first quarterback to skip hiring an agent — Jacoby Brissett recently did it — and it’s substantially easier to negotiate a rookie contract than it used to be with the slotted CBA.

However, there can be issues, at least in terms of battling publicity and in coordinating with teams, and those issues are starting to pop up a bit as the draft approaches.

Owners came and went this week without revising or reiterating policy on protests during the national anthem, carried out overwhelmingly by African-American players. The owners, who are supporting social initiatives by a coalition of players, engaged in healthy discussion about the protests.

Yet Colin Kaepernick still doesn’t have a job, and neither does safety Eric Reid, the former 49ers safety who took a knee alongside the quarterback. When Goodell dismisses that as the result of the 32 teams make their individual decisions on players, as he did on Wednesday, he is refusing to acknowledge a fundamental perception, instead opting for what sounds like a prepared statement to withstand the type of collusion case that Kaepernick is pursuing against the league.

That could happen,” he said. Knowing John (Dorsey) that could happen. John’s outstanding that way. He plays it real close to the vest. I’ve been trying to pry his hands down all the time, but his hands are up here and I can’t get them down.

This is a real important time in Cleveland football, let’s just be honest. We have to make the right decisions. I don’t think we need to make any knee-jerk reactions to anything. Let’s really dig into all of this and talk through it and make the right decision for us.

The moment the Jets traded up from sixth to third in the first round, it became almost a foregone conclusion that the Browns would draft a quarterback No. 1 and not risk losing their man by drafting Saquon Barkley and hoping their QB would be there at No. 4.

Jackson seemed to confirm that Tuesday, although he left open all possibilities at both picks.patriots_128-223x223