Charles Woodson to Reggie McKenzie: Your son can’t put that red helmet on

The son of Raiders General Manager Reggie McKenzie is about to become a Chief, and one Raiders great isn’t happy about it.

Former Raiders cornerback Charles Woodson told McKenzie after the Chiefs drafted Kahlil McKenzie that it just isn’t right for a young man with the Silver and Black in his blood to put on red and gold.

It sounds like Ballard didn’t even let the conversations progress far enough to find out what kind of offer the Colts could receive.

“Look, we had some calls last year at the trade deadline,” Ballard said. “And I just — c’mon man. I’m not taking those seriously.”

There’s no word on which teams were interested in Luck, but it would be fascinating to find out the identity of those teams and just how much they were willing to offer. Even if the Colts say the answer to any offer will be a firm no.

I don’t think he overhauled things, Beachum said Tuesday. “There are some things that are still the same. This is a quasi-West Coast type of offense. He takes it back to those Broncos days, where it’s outside zone [runs], which we ran last year and ran effectively at times.

It’s not this big overhaul of a completely different offensive system. There are some things that we’re taking [from last year]. And things that we did well, we’re utilizing those things. We ran outside zone well to an extent in certain formations, and we’ll be able to use those this year.

Bates, who will double as the Jets’ quarterbacks coach, gets a chance to reunite this season with Rick Dennison, the Jets’ new offensive line coach and running game coordinator. They worked together at formulating the Broncos’ offense from 2007-08. Dennison was the Broncos’ coordinator, Bates their quarterbacks coach.

So it makes sense that the Jets this season will have some of those Broncos-derived outside zone running plays — and other related Denver tendencies. In terms of the West Coast approach Beachum mentioned, expect Bates to ask his quarterback (whether it’s Josh McCown or Sam Darnold ) to master short and mid-range timing passes. broncos_049_28f4f53a99d08143-180x180

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