Rams trade Alec Ogletree to Giants for draft picks

Alec Ogletree is on the move from Los Angeles to New York.

Ogletree, a linebacker who has ed his entire five-year career with the Rams, is being traded to the Giants. According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the Giants will send their fourth-round pick and their sixth-round pick to the Rams for Ogletree. The Rams’ 2019 seventh-round pick will also be part of the deal.

“Here’s the deal, we in New England are privileged to, I believe, have the greatest coach in the history of coaching,” Kraft said. “We’re involved in a number of businesses in our family and we’re in 95 countries in the world and we try to encourage to have good managers. We want them to be bold, we want them to take risks. And sometimes they work out, sometimes they don’t.”

Benching Butler clearly was one of the few moves Belichick has made that didn’t pan out. Without the Super Bowl XLIX hero on the field, Foles torched the Pats for 373 yards on his way to being named MVP.

I have no intention of forcing our ers to stand during the anthem and I regret that my comments have been misconstrued, Ross said. I’ve shared my opinion with all our ers: I’m passionate about the cause of social justice and I feel that kneeling is an ineffective tactic that alienates more people than it enlists. I know our ers care about the military and law enforcement too because I’ve seen the same ers who are fighting for social justice engaging positively with law enforcement and the military. I care passionately that the message of social justice resonates far and wide and I will continue to support and fund efforts for those who fight for equality for all.

Ross explained on Monday that the intended message has been undermined by the fact that the protests have been politically twisted into something they weren’t mean to be. His Tuesday remarks echo that sentiment, by pointing out that kneeling during the anthem alienates more people than it enlists.

It’s unclear what was misconstrued regarding his comment, as reported by the New York Daily News, that [a]ll of our ers will be standing. Maybe it was a prediction and not a mandate. Regardless, it’s clear where he stands on the issue of standing.jets_135